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PH Grand Piano (Black)


This is probably the best of what Danish design has to offer! The PH150 Excellence model of the PH Grand Piano. While this piano was manufactured in 2020, the design is from 1930 by the Danish designer Poul Henningsen


This piano features a minimalistic look with its black leather banding and legs in chromed aluminum. As with all PH Pianos the lid is of course made of transparent plexiglass and chrome strips. 


The sound of the piano is as good as the design. The piano action is crafted by Blüthner to make sure it meets professional standards.


It is a life investment that you will take care of on behalf of future generations.

Product Specifications

Model: Excellence

Year of production: 2020

Manufacturer: Blüthner

Leather banding: Black

Metal Parts: Chrome

Legs/Pedals: Silver plated

Wood parts: Black high gloss

Iron frame: Titanium

Color Felt: Light green

Length: 150 cm

Weight: 350 kg



(excl. VAT)


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