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PH Pianos - Danish Design Icons

PH Pianos are unique pianos designed in the 1930’s by the renown Danish designer and artist Poul Henningsen (PH). 

Among the pianos you find the iconic PH Grand Piano which was designed in 1931 and inspired by the Bauhaus design tradition.

It is the first successful fusion between high-end visual art and the high-end musical instrument.

You will also find the PH Bow Grand Piano and the PH Pianette in our showroom.


Any PH Piano is an investment in the daily beauty and enjoyment of music and will be appreciated for many generations to come!

We hold the exclusive world wide rights to produce and sell pianos as well as furniture designed by PH. You can see and play the PH pianos in our showroom in Copenhagen where you will also find a wide the whole collection of PH Furniture on display.

We can deliver and install PH Pianos anywhere in the world!

Danish design in world class, German quality at highest level and Blüthner craftsmanship. Combine all this and you get the most unique and luxurious grand piano in the world with a true and genuine history and design – the PH Grand Piano!

PH grand - fritlagt.jpg

The PH Bow Grand Piano is a beautiful artistic piano that sets new standards for piano design. This grand piano both sounds and looks amazing!


The PH Pianette was originally designed to be an acoustic upright piano, but today it is produced as a high-end digital piano with all the benefits from the digital instruments you know.


The PH Upright Piano is a fine musical instrument as well as a beautiful piece of sculpture for the home or venue, eminently capable of enthralling a large audience of people as well as just the pianist alone.

PH Upright Piano

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