PH Grand Piano (Cognac)


This is the iconic PH Grand Piano designed by the danish designer Poul Henningsen in 1930. It features the iconic transparent lid with chromed strips and leather banding in a subtle cognac color while standing on the three legs on polished aluminum.


This model features the amazing QRS self-player system.


It's not just the design that is of the highest level of quality - so is the piano action. It's crafted by Blüthner and meets professional levels.


The color combination of this new model is the close as it gets to the old model of the PH Grand Piano that is displayed on the permanent exhibition of Designmuseum Danmark.


It is such a beautiful piece of art that will add value to any interior setting.

Product Specifications

Model: Excellence

Year of production: 2020

Manufacturer: Blüthner

Leather banding: Cognac

Metal Parts: Chrome

Legs/Pedals: Polished alu

Wood parts: Black high gloss

Iron frame: Golden

Color Felt: Light green

Length: 150 cm

Weight: 400 kg

Self player: Yes



(excl. VAT)

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