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PH Grand Piano (Red/Chrome)


The large PH186 Excellence version of the danish designer Poul Henningsen’s iconic PH Grand Piano design from 1930. 


This model is produced in 2018 with a red leather banding between the black high glass painted wooden strips. The body is standing on the chromed metal legs and with the iconic lid in transparent plexiglass and chrome.


It is produced in the highest quality and the piano action is crafted by the most esteemed Germa piano maker Blüthner. 


This is a Danish design icon and piece of art and it will always be a great investment that yields daily joy and excitement.

Product Specifications

Condition: Exhibition model

Manufacturer: Blüthner

Leather banding: Red

Metal Parts: Chrome

Legs/Pedals: Polished alu

Wood parts: Black high gloss

Iron frame: Golden

Color Felt: Blue

Length: 186 cm

Weight: 450 kg



(excl. VAT)

PH grand - fritlagt.jpg

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