PH Bow Grand Piano (Chestnut)



This is one of the most spectacular pianos: the PH Bow Grand Piano. Designed by the Danish designer Poul Henningsen in 1937. 


This piano is very distinct in its design from traditional black-box pianos. The lid is made of 4 curved waves of marple birch that has similarities to the Sydney Opera House, even though this piano was designed almost 20 years prior. 


The legs and pedals are covered in brass as well as the signature of Poul Henningsen on the front of the lid.


This model of the PH Bow Grand is made with a new cabinet and a completely restored piano action with a lovely sound quality.

Product Specifications

Year of production: 2019/1937

Condition: completely restored action, new cabinet

Manufacturer: ToneArt / Andreas Christensen

Legs/Pedals: Brass

Wood veneer: chestnut

Wood parts: matte black

Iron frame: Golden

Color Felt: Light Green

Length: 154 cm

Weight: 300 kg



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