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PH Pianette (Vintage)


This PH Pianette is designed by the Danish designer Poul Henningsen and was made in 1935.


It's one of the older models from 1935 that was completely restored in 2019. The design language of this pianette is much like the PH Grand Piano. Covered in cognac leather around the black wooden frame with a front and details in chrome, this pianette will draw attention in any room.


This pianette can with its smaller size fit into smaller spaces but also add a great touch of Danish design to larger rooms.


This vintage model of the PH Pianette is a great investment yielding daily joy and beauty to your private home or a public space.

Product Specifications

Year of production: 2019/1935

Condition: completely restored

Manufacturer: Andreas Christensen

Legs/Pedals: Chrome

Leather pranding: Cognac color

Metal parts: Chrome

Wood parts: matte black

Height: 92 cm

Weight: 100 kg



 (including second hand VAT)


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