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PH Upright Piano (Vintage)


The PH Upright Piano from 1939 is designed with many of the same characteristics as the PH Grand Piano as well as the PH Pianette, including use of a leather rim, steel parts and wood details. Fundamental to the shape of the PH Upright Piano is a minimal body that is sleek, fluidly shaped and devoid of the hard angles that is expected of a more traditional and standard equivalent upright piano.

For those who want a traditional acoustic upright piano with one of the most iconic design silhouettes, the PH Upright Piano is the right choice. The signature chrome body with black wood panelling and a cognac leather banding fits any setting. This piano is from the 1940s but has been completely restored. 


Even though its body is not as big as a grand piano, this upright piano accomplishes to distribute its sound throughout larger rooms while being able to fit in smaller spaces.


The unique design of the PH Upright Piano will always make it a great investment.


Product Specifications

Condition: Completely restored

Manufacturer: Andreas Christensen

Leather banding: Cognac color 

Metal Parts: Chrome

Legs/Pedals: Chrome 

Wood parts: Matte black  

Height: 112 cm

Weight: 150 kg



(incl. second hand VAT)


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