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PH Bow Grand Piano

The PH Bow Grand Piano was designed in 1937. It is not as well known as the PH Grand Piano. The PH Bow Grand Piano is manufactured by use of organic shapes and has a form that is in full line with a scandinavian design tradtion in contrast to a traditional grand piano. In comparison with the iconic PH Grand Piano with glasslid, the PH Bow Grand Piano is having a more discrete design. The bows of the lid have a remarkable similarity with the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. The resemblances with the Opera House in Sydney underlines the musical and acoustic sound qualities of the beautiful PH Bow Grand Piano that is being crafted according to highest standards and of the absolutely best quality.


PH Bow Grand

Maple Birch

This is one of the most spectacular pianos: the PH Bow Grand Piano. Designed by the Danish designer Poul Henningsen in 1937...




PH Bow Grand


This piano is very distinct in its design from traditional black-box pianos. The lid is made of 4 curved waves of marple birch...



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