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PH Grand Piano

PH Grand Piano: Poul Henningsen did a groundbreaking design in 1930 with the PH Grand Piano. It is characterised by the transparent glass-lid, the leather rim and the aluminum legs. The PH Grand Piano is significantly different from a traditional grand piano or the "black box". Poul Henningsen wanted to open up the piano and bring out the piano action and display the beautiful technique and all the components. The PH Grand Piano has become a Danish design icon and reflects an important contribution to the Bauhaus design tradition.


PH186 Red/Chrome

Excellence Line

The large PH186 Excellence version of the danish designer Poul Henningsen’s iconic PH Grand Piano design from 1930...





PH150 Avantgarde

Avantgarde Line

This PH Grand Piano is from the brand new Avantgarde line. It has a rim made in black painted and high gloss polished wood...




PH186 Mocca

Excellence Line

This large model of the PH Grand Piano fits perfectly well into public spaces, lobby areas as well as in private homes...




PH150 Cognac

Excellence Line

This is the iconic PH Grand Piano designed by the danish designer Poul Henningsen in 1930. It features the iconic transparent lid...




PH150 Black

Excellence Line

This is probably the best of what Danish design has to offer! The PH150 Excellence model of the PH Grand Piano... 



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